SITI KHOMSIYAH - Indonesian Maid

14 Years 14 Years 14 Years 14 Years
Summary of Spoken Language abilities: 

Mandarin/Chinese-Dialect (Excellent, 12 yrs)

Additional Skills and Experience: 
Able to handle beef?: 
Able to handle pork?: 
Able to eat pork?: 
Other Food Handling Preferences: 

Caregiver Introduction


Siti Khomsiyah is a pleasant and independent person. She is a hard worker and responsible for her job. She wants to continue working in Singapore to get a better future. She has received 3 doses of vaccinations. She is afraid of dogs but she is okay to handle and cook pork. She is okay to work in the big house.


1) She has 12 years of working experience in Taiwan with one employer. She started her work in 2006 - 2018. Her main jobs were taking care of Ah Kong 75 years old (stroke) and Ah Ma 70 years old (healthy), housekeeping, cooking, washing, and ironing. She worked with another helper to maintain a bungalow house with 4 bedrooms and 2 toilets.

2) She has 3 years of working experience in Singapore starting from Nov 2020 - Present. She worked for a Chinese employer to take care 76 years 76-year-old Ah Kong (complications) & 70 years old Ah Ma (healthy),  sometimes helping to do housekeeping and cooking. The employer stayed in Condo, with 4 bedrooms, 4 toilets, 5 family members, and 3 helpers.


She can speak Mandarin very well. She can cook Indonesian food like soto, perkedel, nasi pecel, semur chicken, balado chicken, stir-fried vegetables, and many more. She can cook Chinese food like steamed fish, porridge, steamed egg, steamed chicken, chicken soup, ABC soup, and chicken rice. She is willing to learn more local recipes if the employer guides her. She is keen to take care elderly.


Her basic salary is $700.00 and she requests to have one time off a month. Her gross salary is $ 781.00 with 3 off days compensation. Her handphone can be used at night time after work. 

Previous employment history in Singapore: 
Period of Employment Employer Work Duties Remarks
Start Date End Date
2006 2018 Chinese / Taiwan Take care 75 yo Ah Kong (stroke) & 70 yo Ah Ma (healthy), housekeeping & cooking (4 BR, 2 toilets) Finish
Nov 2020 Present Chinese / Singapore Take care 76 Ah Kong (complications) & 70 yo Ah Ma (healthy), housekeeping, cooking (4 BR, 4 toilets, 5 pax & 3 helpers). Finish
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