Thu Thu Lwin ( NURSE AID - Myanmar-Myanmese Maid

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Caregiver Introduction

Now she working as a nurse aid part time
and full time. She hv experience about 1 years at the THANYIL
NURSING HOME. Her duty is take-care stroke patient, diabetes patient,
pregnancy, new born patient, broken back like that. She take-care
the patient like check blood pressure, check temperature, check
oxygen level, change diaper, change clothes, change position, give
food, give medicine, take-shower, oral care, sponging, tube
feeding, change urine peg, use wheelchair, wash their hair, do
exercise, massage, go toilet with them, clean for them

&Children/ She hv care giver certificate
so she can do very well. And she hv experience with her sister
children 3 years old boy. She take-care like take-shower, give
lotion and powder, change diaper, change clothes, give milk, give
foods, change position, clean the baby bed, cut the nail, clean for
them, play with them, carry the baby, make baby sleep like

ELDERLY/ She hv experience with Grandmather
75 years old stoke patient about one years as a home care.
Grandmother is can’t walk so she hv to take care of her everything.
She take-care like take shower, give lotion and powder, massage,
feeding, give medicine, cut the nail, go toilet with her, go
hospital, change diaper, change clothes, clean for her, go toilet
with her like that.

General house work she can do very well
like cleaning, cooking, washing and ironing. She can cook only
Myanmar foods but she willing to learn Chinese cooking. She can
cook like chicken, pork, beef, fish, fried rice, fried noddle,
fried fish, fried chicken, porridge, vegetable and soup like

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865, MOUNTBATTEN ROAD, #B1-106, KATONG SHOPPING CENTRE, Singapore - 437844
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Monday - Friday 11:00 am - 7:00 pm
Saturday - Sunday 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
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